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SAP Solutions

Apptoza is a Certified SAP Channel Partner providing a full range of SAP Services and Solutions. We focus on providing services in SAP Core Business Applications as well as the new technologies such as SAP Mobility, SAP Analytics & Hana and Cloud Computing.

SAP Core Business Applications 1
SAP Core Business Applications

SAP R/3 Enterprise software is the de-facto industry standard for running core enterprise applications in Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain and Logistics and it is still the back-bone of multiple organizations across the world for running their daily operations.At Apptoza, we have expertise to support your

SAP Analytics and HANA 2
SAP Analytics & HANA

SAP Business Intelligence had some inherent limitations in terms of latency time (Upto 48 hours) and performance and SAP have addressed those limitations in SAP HANA – High Performance Analytic Appliance through their in-memory computing architecture. Apptoza has acquired some of the skills required for

SAP Mobile Solutions 1
SAP Mobile Solutions

Apptoza has developed some niche skills in offering SAP mobile solutions to clients in the areas of 1. SAP Mobile Applications Management, 2. SAP Mobile Device Management using SAP Afaria and 3. SAP Application Security Management using Mocana. Gartner has placed all of these solutions in the magic guadrant indicating the fact that all of these SAP solutions are matured and scalable.

SAP Cloud Computing 2
SAP Cloud Computing

The running costs associated with SAP implementations still remain a concern for most organizations and Apptoza can help in addressing some of those cost concerns. Apptoza can help to transaction tradition On-Premise SAP installations to cloud and will help you make a transition to cloud based architecture.

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